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Use common sense and characteristics of hydraulic wrench

Release Date:2014-03-12     Views:2660

Hydraulic wrench with drive hydraulic torque wrench and hollow hydraulic wrench two series. Method of hydraulic wrench generally uses high strength alloy materials and heat treatment to reduce component size and weight of the. Driving hydraulic torque wrench with the use of standard sleeve, which is universal hydraulic wrench, applicable to a wide range of. The thickness of the hollow hydraulic wrench is thin, particularly applicable to space is narrow. Applicable to electric power (nuclear power, wind power, hydropower, thermal power, metallurgy, ship), transportation, cement, construction, aviation and other fields.


The characteristics of hydraulic wrench:

● 一体成型机身,采用超高强度轻金属,全面加强机身强度、韧性;

unibody, ultra high strength light metal, to comprehensively strengthen the body strength, toughness;

● 可360o×180o旋转的油管接头,无使用空间限制,自由操作;

tubing joints 360o × 180o rotation, without space restrictions, free operation;

● 扳机式锁扣轻松按动,可随心所欲地将360o微调式反作用力臂定位于坚固的支上;

trigger type lock easily pressed, can arbitrarily be 360o trimmer type reaction arm positioning in the strong support;

● 采用精密棘轮,精度高达±3% ;

● adopt precision ratchet, high precision is up to ± 3%;

● 独特的防逆转止回掣子,克服螺栓变形回弹导致的扳手逆转现象,可实现液压扳手二同步或四同步操作;

Reverse the check pawl prevent the unique, overcome bolt deformation wrench reversal phenomenon rebound led, can realize hydraulic wrench two or four synchronous operation;

● 加油孔设计,能够连续长时间的工作。

The gas hole design, can continuously work for a long time.


The characteristics of hollow hydraulic wrench:

● 一体成型动力头,采用超高强度金属,全面提高强度及寿命;

The integrated power head, using ultra high strength metal, and comprehensively improve the strength and life;

● 一个动力头可配备多种工作头使用,工作范围广;

● a power head can be equipped with a variety of working head, wide working range;

● 可360o×180o旋转的油管接头,最接近无油管设计,完全无使用空间限制;

tubing joints 360o × 180o rotation, the closest non tubing design, completely without space restrictions;

● 工作头全包容设计,安全最佳,超轻、超薄、扭力大,适应各种“高难度”空间。

The working head all inclusive design, best security, ultra light, ultra-thin, large torque, adapt to the "difficulty" of space.

目前,寻找到高强度材料的难度并非很大, 对于希望部件强度达到1000MPa以上并且稳定,并且对于材质强度的均匀性也要求极高(主要是由于液压方驱扳手内部零件的不规则所影响),目前国内企业还很难对于液压方驱扳手内部零件的强度达到 1000MPa以上,即使能个别达到,也很难达到液压扳手批量的稳定性。还需要多向国外同类产品学习,在一个较长的时期内,投入较多的人力与资金,在材质与热处理的方面多加以摸索和实验。

At present, the difficulty of finding high strength material is not great, hope for the parts strength above 1000MPa and stable, and also the requirements for uniformity of material strength (mainly due to the irregular hydraulic driving wrench the internal parts of the affected), in our country enterprise is difficult for the internal parts of the hydraulic driving spanner strength more than 1000MPa, even if the individual to achieve stability, it is very difficult to achieve mass of hydraulic wrench. Also need to change the foreign products of the same kind of learning, in a longer period of time, manpower and money more, in the material and heat treatment many aspects to explore and experiment.